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Wanted: iOS / OS X Engineers (2013)

Panic Inc has a very special opportunity for nice, creative, super-talented engineers to join our amazing, award-winning-even development team.

Are you our experienced OS X / iOS engineer?

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Care deeply about both form and function
  • Debug, refine, and extend our existing apps
  • Contribute code and passion to new apps
  • Look for opportunities to improve our process
  • Play well with our existing team
  • Be excited and mostly eyeroll-free when tackling new challenges
  • Feel a strong sense of self-motivation
  • Love making things for people

We also prefer candidates who have shipped an app — no matter how small the app, or how small your part.

In addition to base salary, Panic offers:

  • Bi-annual profit sharing bonuses
  • Annual retirement plan contributions
  • Full medical/vision/dental insurance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Reasonable, life-compatible hours
  • A very nice work environment we think

Take note: this position is in Portland, OR. (We’ll pay for your move if you need to.)

Sound interesting? E-mail your resume to us (Update 8/5: thanks for your interest! We’ve reached our candidate limit!) and attach or link us to an app you’ve created or worked on. (Make sure to tell us what you did in that app, no matter how small.)

Also let us know if you’re more experienced with iOS or OS X development.

If we’d like to talk further, we will follow-up with additional details!

While we can’t write back to everyone, we thank you in advance for your interest.

Posted at 5:08 pm 12 Comments

I cannot tear down the email slips from the bottom – I would really expect something cool like this from you guys… :)


7/12/2013 8:13 AM

I cannot upvote the last comment – I would really expect something cool like this from you guys… :D

You’re the awesome ones.

Dale Cruse

7/12/2013 10:43 AM

Those slips at the bottom are a test. If you know how to tear one off, Panic wants to interview you.

Captain Obvious

7/12/2013 11:28 AM

@Dale Just print the page and use scissors.

Not perfect, but close:

.joblink:before {
position: absolute;
content: ‘ ‘;
top: 7px;
left: 371px;
width: 63px;
height: 170px;
background: url(‘’) 723px -45px #d6d8d9;

Love your work guys :)

Thibault Le Cornec

7/12/2013 7:16 PM

I could never realistically even fool my way in to working with you guys. I would implode before the first coffee run. But I am having blast pretending and casually mentioning it to friends that I’m “tossing the idea around.” Thanks for the AHmazing apps and for designing with “the rest of us” in mind. I love you guys more.

i dont program its just that at times i have these ideas that for some reason nobody has thought of …..

…still loving you guys…more than others that ‘claim’ to. …and also, I have this pain in my lower back. Maybe you could make an app for figuring that out? Thanks again for showing up to work and doing awesome things.

Lane Roathe

9/17/2013 9:00 AM

Great to see the tear-off test is working! Too bad the spam filter isn’t :(

Just kidding, keep up the great work guys!


PS: If I wasn’t already doing some great OS X development I’d have submitted my resume!

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