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Coda 2.5 and the Mac App Store

coda-logoOver a year ago, I wrote a blog post about Coda and Sandboxing.

It detailed a thorough list of changes we’d be making to Coda to work under Apple’s Sandboxing restrictions. Click here to read it if you haven’t.

As we continued to work on Coda 2.5—a significant update that we’re really excited about—we continued to discover new corners of the app that presented challenges under sandboxing. Coda, to be fair, is a very complex developer tool and is something of a sandboxing worst-case scenario.

Apple, to their considerable credit, spent a lot of energy assisting us with ideas, workarounds, and temporary exemptions we might be able to use to get around some of the issues. Apple genuinely went above and beyond the call of duty, and we’re really thankful for their help. We got extremely close and jumped over a lot of tricky hurdles thanks to them.

Unfortunately, though, we’ve run out of time.

Coda 2.5 is essentially complete. But, we’re still encountering sandboxing challenges. So, in the interest of finally getting Coda 2.5 out the door and in the hands of you, our very eager and patient customers, we’ve decided it’s time to move on—for now.

In short: Coda 2.5 will not be sandboxed, and therefore will not be available in the Mac App Store.

Please note that this doesn’t mean Coda 2.5 was rejected by Apple, rather that we’re going ahead and proactively making this call since all Mac App Store apps are required to be sandboxed and Coda 2.5 will not be.

The good news? Three-fold.

  1. The transition will be effortless.
  2. Your workflow will now be unscathed.
  3. We’re adding Panic Sync.

Read on.

• I bought Coda in the App Store. What do I need to do?

Nothing right now. Keep App Store Coda on your system and use it.

Then, when Coda 2.5 is released, you’ll simply download Coda 2.5 directly from our website. It’ll locate your installed Mac App Store copy, and it will unlock. That’s it. You’ve transitioned. Free of charge.

• What about iCloud Sync of my sites?

iCloud requires the App Store, so that’s out. But we have great news. We never want to short-change our paying customers, so we’ve spent many months working on Panic Sync, our own super-easy, super-secure syncing solution that gives you power over your data. And Panic Sync will work between Panic apps—Coda and Diet Coda to start. And Panic Sync is free. In short, we’ll trade you iCloud for something great.

• What about automatic updating?

Still there. Coda has a great built-in updater. In fact, you’ll get critical updates faster than ever before.

• What about easy installation on a new computer?

We love that part of the Mac App Store. Sigh. But from now on, you’ll have to download Coda 2.5 directly from our website. Hopefully, that’s a very minor inconvenience; we’ll make sure it downloads fast and easy.

• Will Coda ever be sandboxed or return to the App Store?

We hope so! We will always evaluate the possibility of sandboxing with each future release of Coda.

• What’s new in Coda 2.5? When will it be released?

Shh… we’ve been posting sneak peeks of new features on Twitter. And we’re in late beta, but no date is set.

Thank you so much for reading and understanding. Most importantly, thank you for using Coda!

Update: Coda 2.5 is now available! Read more about it and get it here.

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Let’s say, after you release Coda 2.5, my computer (and all of its backups) explodes, and I need to start fresh with a brand new Mac and I only ever purchased the Mac App Store version of Coda. What would I need to do?

(In other words, will Coda 2.0 remain on the App Store for this situation, or will you be removing it?)

David: You will always be able to re-download the Mac App Store Coda you purchased. Our hope is to also provide free serial numbers to Mac App Store customers to ease installation in the future (assuming that’s allowed).

Cool. You guys are the best, as always.

Hello Panic. :)

For me MAS is convenient (at times) but that’s about it.
The only software I’ve ever purchased from MAS is either exclusive (to MAS) or on special. Even then I find it irksome when non-MAS versions of apps I’ve purchased have been updated, but it’s weeks later when the same updates hit MAS. In this respect I avoid MAS whenever possible and is the reason I originally purchased Transmit and Coda directly from the lovely people at Panic.

Seriously looking forward to 2.5!

All the best

Your blog comment form says not to be negative. As a result, I have nothing to say about this. Sorry.

Well personally, I like the MAS, it is convenient, however, if it comes to convenience vs a better product, I would take the better product any day!

Please get it sandboxed if you can please :-)
Can’t wait for the new version !

I kind of feel bad for buying the Mac App Store version instead of directly from you guys, would much rather you have received the cut that Apple take as I know you’ll do something brilliant with the money! But at the time I thought iCloud was the advantage so that’s what got bought, ah well, what’s done is done!

Will this affect Diet Coda in the future (and how)?

What about syncing “Sites” between Coda and Diet Coda?

Isn’t it against the rules of the Mac App Store to allow upgrades outside of the Mac App Store ? Aren’t you in risk of being banned (existing and future releases)?

Jon: Direct Coda has always had the capability to “unlock” with the presence of a Mac App Store copy of Coda. This isn’t new and we’ve never been told that’s a problem? We’ll of course do our best to do this transition correctly.

“Panic Sync … gives you power over your data” … does that mean I can install a private copy on my own server?

Very sad news… i love MAS, i know sandboxing is for our safety but Apple should give devs solutions to make everything in a safe way. I hope you can release Coda 2.5 on the Mac App Store in the future.

Kevin Martin

5/14/2014 3:22 PM

Please please please please please have real .sass syntax mode. Would be the perfect editor if this feature was there.

“Apple genuinely went above and beyond the call of duty, and we’re really thankful for their help. We got extremely close and jumped over a lot of tricky hurdles thanks to them.”

BUT, still you can’t get the App you want for your customers through their fingers and Sandboxing. I had to go over and buy TextExpander from SmilesSoftware for this exact reason, because they couldn’t deliver a update on the MAS that they wanted for the consumer.
Its will be a hot day in Antarctica before I buy another BIG name App in the MAS when I can get it cheaper from the Dev’s themselves.
Looking forward to 2.5 and am hoping there will be a 2.0 Diet Coda upgrade too :D :hint: :hint:

Keep up the great work Panic, you guys mage awesome Apps for our Macs . . . !!!

You guys are awesome! I can’t wait for 2.5. Coda is the best dev tool out there! Keep it up!

Michael Savich

5/14/2014 6:18 PM

Will Coda 2 continue to remain in the MAS? Or will it be pulled?

Looking good, excited for color-coded tabs and the next text clips.

All of my favorite apps seem to be App Store or Sandboxing “worst case scenarios”. I don’t really think it’s the apps. It also seems weird how so many apps are able to get exceptions… I bought 1Password from their website and it syncs via iCloud? You can download Xcode and it installs system tools? And Final Cut Pro X isn’t remotely sandboxed? And it downloads system updates? Well I guess this kills any potential future integration of Coda with Game Center.

As a developer and consumer, I have to say that I go out of my way to purchase apps *not* on the MAS. Ideology aside, there are many practical reasons to avoid it: sandboxing, iCloud/CoreData failures, the race-to-the-bottom on pricing, the lack of an upgrade policy, etc.. It’s unfortunate that a few applications are available there exclusively. The direct-sales model has worked well for a long time for software vendors. I realize that some developers want to reach a wider audience or use MAS-specific features like iCloud; however, I feel the negatives for both developers and consumers far outweigh the positives.

Thank you! Thank you! I bought Coda and BBedit at about the same time and directly from the developers. That’s the way to go, IMHO. Don’t think twice about it.

You guys are simply a class act. While i don’t own Coda, i do own Transmit and the now defunct CandyBar. When you decided to discontinue CandyBar you put up a notice and gave it away for free so as to not have new customers pay. That move and now this move with Coda sets you folks amongst devs that care about their customers and try to keep 1 step ahead in making things easier. Ok enough gushing.

Tyson Edwards

5/14/2014 10:23 PM

There are a number of apps that have accomplished working in the sandbox admirably and yet still function effectively.

May I recommend that you have a look at Name Mangler 3 or DaisyDisk.
First time you go to a particular folder, it will prompt for approval, afterwards it is approved for all future runs.

There is no reason why Coda can’t also do the same.
This just screams as a straw man issue to justify an exit from the App Store (not necessarily a bad thing, but just be honest about it).

The way you’ve handled this really shows that you have love and respect for your customers. Thank you.

I’m not surprised the Mac App Store has been an issue. Many developers have been fighting Apple for years with some of these issues.

It still doesn’t excuse the major delays on getting Coda 2 updates to your users. We’ve been waiting ages for major updates. Meanwhile, Sublime Text, GitHub Atom and Adobe Brackets have been putting out great software with frequent updates and an extensive list of plugins that bring every feature imaginable to developers. You have competition that are blowing past you in responsiveness and listening to the community.

You aren’t Apple. Even if you were Apple, we buy their products not because they keep secrets and screw over early adopters. No, no. Those are the reasons we hate Apple. We buy their products for the attention to detail they put in. It’s worth the extra money for that.

I paid Panic a lot of money but so far I haven’t seen much for it. Coda 2 is barely an update to Coda. It’s missing a great deal of features that would make your customers lives easier. Your support staff has been rude every time I’ve asked “when will we see major updates”. And I’m only asking every 3 months or so. In the past 3 months, Adobe Brackets has progressed a tremendous amount. In the past 3 weeks, GitHub Atom has blown past you guys. So, once again, you have our money now show us what we get for it.


Buyer’s Remorse

Bernd Meitzner

5/14/2014 11:57 PM

Why Panic Sync and not Dropbox for cloud service?

Good to see Coda come out of the sandbox!

I hope this will waste less of your time working around random limitations.


Was Code 2 already sandboxed? In case it wasn’t, I thought that updates of apps, which were not sandboxed before 2012 can still be updated without the sandbox restrictions. Is that correct?

As a developer I’d like to hear more technical details on what specifically wouldn’t work.

I’ve been using Coda since the beginning and use Coda 2 from the store, while this is disappointing, it’s a non-issue as I’ll upgrade like everyone else. While the App Store works perfectly fine for most of the Apps out there, there are some that will have issues with Sandboxing, etc.

I do agree with EricS, however, as a developer, I’d also love to see a blog post about what issues you encountered which proved to be too much for Panic to overcome. I’m going to assume that these issues are related to new features that you’ve implemented/plan to implement, so you may not be able to talk about them until the release, but bringing the issues up for positive community discourse would be appreciated.


5/15/2014 6:53 AM

Not a fan of the Mac App Store.
Direct is great with me.

I would really like if Coda 2.5 could be available over the Mac App Store, but I can understand your reasons. Will you run Panic Sync on your own local server (in your office) or will you host it elsewhere and if so where?

Tyler Clark

5/15/2014 7:56 AM

Sounds like a great plan. I didn’t submit Apps to the App store when I bought Coda. Now I do. And I understand your frustrations!

It is too bad. What if I like the App Store and iCloud sync and don’t want it any other way? IMHO I think that you haven’t worked hard enough to find a work around the problem or you’re too eager to get something out that just currently is not possible. What is so important that would allow you to not sandbox Coda? I have been a supporter of Panic for many years! I would love to know the technical side of things as to why you have made this decision.

Fuck MAS.

Hope I’m not censored for being “negative”.

I wish there was a Coda Slim for Mac. A code editor highly optimised just for Mac. Insanely fast and simple to use. It will have been an instant buy for everyone.

Man oh man, for entirely selfish reasons I consider this excellent news. I’ve always considered re-buying Coda on the app store just to get the syncing but could never quite pull the trigger. Huzzah!

“Then, when Coda 2.5 is released, you’ll simply download Coda 2.5 directly from our website. It’ll locate your installed Mac App Store copy, and it will unlock. That’s it. You’ve transitioned. Free of charge.”

When I read the news I panicked. Then I read the blog post and I had a sign of relief… Thanks for making this part easy and for not punishing us who bought the product on the app store.

My thanks!


I understand why Apple needs sandboxing. I also understand why it is a major obstacle for software like Coda. Your solution looks as elegant as is possible in the circumstances. I look forward to 2.5!


5/16/2014 8:11 AM

Can I just say, Panic, that you are one of the coolest companies ever? I really like Coda2, using it every day for all kinds of projects. It just gets better, including some of the best regex support among text editors.

Joshua Nozzi

5/16/2014 9:11 AM

Consider adopting Drew’s Ensembles for provider-agnostic syncing: – You can write your own custom storage layer but it serves as an adaptor for syncing Core Data stores with multiple providers (iCloud and Dropbox are built in). You can still leverage PanicSync and easily add Dropbox and others. If you ever get sand boxing working for Coda you can just “turn on” iCloud. Just an idea. :-)

Will there finally be project wide auto-completion?

Sounds like a great plan. I didn’t submit Apps to the App store when I bought Coda. Now I do. And I understand your frustrations!

Interesting, it feels like a statement to apple – I just had my sister buy a mac and one reason was the safety of the app store. I don’t think not being there will hurt in the short run – anyone who’s going to code in javascript and upload files is certainly capable of buying direct, but the long term effect will be a loss of exposure and marketing, and sales This will be crippling to Panic. You are currently #110 in the US app store overall, and #2 in the developer category. Thats a heck of a lot to walk away from. Are you sure this is the right move and that there is NO way to figure this out?

Marty Plumbo

5/21/2014 2:34 PM

And for the Love of Mike, please add WebGL preview support.

Even if you have to write your own version of WebKit.


I love Coda, and I want it. Apparently it’s an interesting time to buy it… I have $25 in App Store credit that I’ve otherwise been unable to spend (for a lack of anything I actually want), and while saving 33% on Coda would be swell, I don’t want to A) make my life more difficult in a scenario in which I get a new Mac or B) screw Panic out of significant profit by going through the MAS.

So I guess my question is, if I buy Coda 2 from the MAS, will Panic go for the “product key upgrade approach”, where it is converted to a “Panic Direct” (if you will) copy, not a MAS copy… because the App Store credit is on an old account I keep forgetting about, and while I’d like to spend the rest of the credit on it so I can safely forget about it, I don’t want to have to hold onto it every time I need to re-download Coda.

I won’t be too disappointed either way, because Coda 2.5 looks absolutely boss, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

While I hate to see developers struggle, I am happy to see such a prominent developer break from requirements to do what is right for both the app and its user base. Apple seems to want to box everyone into this one size fits all approach and I love hearing someone put the challenge to them.

A consumer is not the same as a professional user. Professionals can be consumers, but when it comes to professional-level duties, it is about time Apple realize that there is time and place for making things idiot-proof and time and place to let those that have the experience, expertise and resources have the ability to get the most out of their machines.

We need companies like Panic to show that we need two os ecosystems – consumer and pro. Let consumer go iOS. Let them have everything spoon-fed to them. But, let professional users have all of the capabilities they paid good money to gain access to. Stop killing abilities and making us hack our machines or the process to achieve results that make a difference. Apple used to have faith in those that used its machines. Today, it has become all about how to limit exposure. Are those two mutually exclusive?

Thanks, Panic. This is the exact reason I purchased the direct version and the MAS version. I knew updates would trickle in slowly over MAS and someday there’d be a big issue like this. Thanks for doing right by your customers (I expect nothing less from you gentlemen).

Now that Apple just announced that iCloud is now open to all Apps does that effect the plan to move to Panic Sync? Apple opening up iCould to all Apps shows that they understand that not all Apps need to be in in the MAS.

Wow, I’ve just seen the upcoming features on Twitter. It’ll definitely be awesome :)

The Sandboxing is a hassle to work with, and it’s even worse if you’ve never developed without it either. Because you’re assuming things will work a way and then they don’t and you have no clue why.

its available for chrome tabs?

Will Coda 2.5 have a “Go to Anything” type of search like sublime and atom does? The current find anywhere is terrible.

This is terrible. Think twice before you do this, or you will lose me.

Christopher G

6/15/2014 5:41 AM

Hello Panic,

I’m currently an iOS and OS X app developer, and I got to say that I really understand your frustrations. I’ve been developing apps for couple of years and what I don’t understand is, what is holding down you guys to overcome the sandbox limitations? There is always a solution to a problem, no matter how complex the problem is, the solutions are always in front of our noses but we’re focusing to much in features instead of focusing on working around to find a solution that resolves the problem and that’s why you guys had not overcome those sand boxing problems. Inspire your selves and go to the Mac App Store, to see all the very complex apps that had successfully overcome this issues!
This is the time to prove yourself and to your customers that you guys are real software engineers, real computer scientists and real app developers. Aren’t you?

Sam Radford

6/17/2014 3:38 AM

Hi there, just wondering if there are any changes to your plans in light of what Apple announced at WWDC?

“Coda 2.5 is essentially complete” Entering July … So what’s the hold up then!?

I need this update desperately, Coda2 is so bug-ridden it’s not fun to work with anymore. I don’t want to waste time migrating to other software…

Byron Fay

7/11/2014 8:10 AM

It’s tough to contain my level of excitement for 2.5!! Ignore the naysayers or critics and release it when you are ready. I use Coda 8-10 hours daily developing for my clients, and I couldn’t imagine switching to anything else. You have an amazing product and you should be proud of the creative, imaginative, and brilliant development team you have assembled. If you say that the App store isn’t the way to go, I empathize with your frustration and sincerely hope people will see that the limitations imposed on you were worth curtailing. Keep giving us carrots every now and again on the cool features we eagerly await, but don’t stress about artificial timelines. With the level of quality all of your software shows, I’m certain that this update will bring more positive attention towards a truly fantastic product. One feature request which has been echoed many times would be for an improved searching function across a project. I’m very excited to see what enhancements have been made to an already phenomenal program! Good luck!

As long as the instability issues are being addressed, I’m in!

I’m of two minds here… First, I want panic to hurry the heck up and give us an update already. I have used Coda from the early days and have loved it a lot (until recently but more on that later). Coda really is one of the most innovative editors out there and with the ability to add so many plugins – and add them so much easier than the likes of Sublime – it really has been a great app to work with and I have recommended it to friends many times.
Now for the other half of my brain… The updates to Coda seem to come out too slowly, which is surprising considering that Panic ragged on the app store because of slow updates. Also, recently, my Coda has been really screwing me up. I keep getting piles of these .conflict files everywhere throughout my projects. With my work we use Git and it’s making life hell. So, for the Git based work I’ve been force to switch to Sublime where I don’t get those files. I can’t for the life of me figure out where they are coming from or why they appear, but it seems to have coincided with a somewhat recent update. I’ve liked this program so much that I’m not ready to abandon it and I’m praying that 2.5 brings far better (and easier) version control, source formatting standards checking, better import/export functionality between versions (when I upgraded to 2.0 I lost ALL my customizations and trying to bring them over from 1.7 just didn’t work), dock icons for sites (so I can quickly open sites instead of opening coda and locating the site I want) and finally the ability to us my own image (from my hard drive) for the icon for sites instead of having it grab a screenshot, which in many cases results in a white page because of security issues.

Martin Bay

7/20/2014 6:48 AM

Love Coda and look forward to the update. The version I got runs smoothly and with not concern. Cool you say stop to the App Store and go your own way on this one.

Carl Moebis

7/24/2014 5:34 PM

It’s been a while, any update on Coda 2.5 (Own MAS version)? I’ll volunteer to test it on Yosemite if you need a bug reporter. ;-)

WordPress Developer here. My two pence I’m looking at advanced IDEs like NetBeans and PHP Storm on the one hand and / on the other hand which live integration and a fresh approach to web development.

It would be great if Coda would innovate into this web development space but it feels like we will just have a UI update, bug fixes and a plugin repo. I really hope the team innovate rather than renovate with 2.5 but from the few twitter pics this does not seem to likely.

Waiting to be proved incorrect! Bring on 2.5. Cheers

Back in MY day, ‘essentially finished’ meant shipping any time now, a day perhaps. Dag gum whippersnappers with your new fangled expressions really chap my hide. Never woulda guessed essentially finished meant 3 months or more.

I bought Coda the first day it came out and used it for a while since I was a huge, and still am, Transmit fan. While others have progressed, Coda has become quite stagnant and it makes me sad. Ultimately, I think this drawn out update is purely a marketing ploy to get you to purchase at a discount because they need operating capital and more money for rent for their new offices the so brazenly flaunt to all of us. I have seen many a company and worked for a few who’ve had success, get a big head, build a monument to that success, and then die because they were too busy being proud of themselves. So Panic, please focus on the work and forget about your fancy new office and trying to be cool. Stop living off legacy, it will be your downfall.

Hi! I’ve joined a company that uses Coda 2 as it main coding software. I’m planning to buy it for myself to continue developing at home but I have a question. If I buy Coda2 now will I be able to update to Coda2.5 for free? Or it’s better to wait for the new version release?
And the last one is… Can I try 2.5 Beta? I use to test a lot of beta apps and It will be a pleasure to try Coda2.5 beta.
Regards from Spain!

“Coda 2.5 is essentially complete” Entering September … Tik Tok … Tik Tok! Time for an blogpost update?!

Nearly 3 months since this blog post and no update or sign of 2.5. I think either the sandboxing issues are absolutely crippling or Panic has shifted focus away from Coda to other things…. which is a worry.

I concur; it’s been far too long since any sort of update on the status of this product. As a paying customer since the OG Coda days, I’m a little miffed at the lack of any apparent target for release and the limit of communication to the occasional “It’s coming soon, we promise!” response on Twitter.

Hey guys am so exited about V2.5 would really love to hear an updated ETA.
Keep up the great work.

Vitor Marques

9/13/2014 6:36 PM

Great Job Guys, one more fan here. Started working with coda 1 year ago and got addicted.

SUGGESTION: Work Log, per site / user / computer
Based on save file date-time, possibly on SVM (git?) submission, gap between saves may determine session concept, average interval may determine average time-to-save, inferring work time per file (a bit risky but accurate enough in terms of “programmers clock”) thus allowing to determine the first save calculated time.
In the whole, this would be useful to determine the global cost of a project and even a bit more, the participation of each member; an effort timeline and other stuff you’d realize. After all they have to save their work in files and if everybody is working with coda (yummy for panic) me like many others would get this precious information out of a snap.

I am a developper / entrepreneur / manager. Various achievements, latest was CardFive, sold to an American corporation, got 75% worldwide sales of a market niche. No vanity, Just to get your attention.
Working now on a new project (web based) I expect to be big (wish me luck), using coda intensively.

Jason Arroyo

9/17/2014 4:29 PM

I love coda but all this wait for 2.5 is really turning me off and no official date? 14day count down and I must move to sublime. Don’t let me down Panic. I love coda.

Carl Moebis

9/24/2014 8:29 AM

Yeah, I might have to switch over to another IDE too. I’m too worried about how long Panic takes to push out updates. When I asked to join the beta several months ago they said they were already in the final stages of release, so I patiently waited….. patiently…. waited…. … .. . . . . .

Dave Cordes

9/24/2014 11:59 AM

The lack of transparency is a bit frustrating to say the least. I float back and forth from Coda 2 to Eclipse and back again. I really want to stick with Coda 2 but the lack of features makes me rethink it. Panic needs to step up to the plate and let their users know what’s going on. I mean really, over 4 months and no word?

Oh!My Gad, that means Coda will never be available on Mac App Store, I really love the automatically updating push on Yosemite, I hope Apple and Panic can reach negotiation on this problem soon.

Just wondering when this awesome program is going to be updated.

“Coda 2.5 is essentially complete” Entering October …

Hi, Panic Sync is great – but Transmit 4.4.8 (Desktop) sadly won’t offer it.
When will it be introduced to the desktop version?

Any word regarding Coda 2.5 ? Is development complete now ?

Dewa M. Widyakumara

10/16/2014 12:30 AM

Looks like you pulled Coda 2 from Mac App Store Indonesia.
Considering scenario as mention by David in the first comment, what should we do?

Alexander Frost

10/22/2014 2:37 PM

Dewa, Coda 2.0 is available from the Purchased tab of App Store.

I just installed it and cannot publish to my remote sites anymore. I tried rebuilding one of my sites and also tried creating a new site. Either way, as I said, I cannot publish any files unless I manually drag them from my local site to my remote site. Also, I noticed that it can be very sluggish at times as I program. I tried closing out other apps and restarting my Mac. Neither fixed any of my issues.

@Biff I also have to provide a slash at every site for the remote path which was not the case before. Additionally, some sites seem to have switched to sFTP from FTP, so I had to correct that, too. Then publishing worked again.

Sorry, but i have a question. I have three mac’s for my work. With MAS i can install one copy of Coda to all of them. What i need to do now? Buy some copies or deactivate one to switch on another? Or i can use my serial for all copies of my Apple ID?

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