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Coda 2 for iOS is Here


Diet Coda just got an update so big, we didn’t feel comfortable calling it “Diet” anymore. (Ho-ho.)

Introducing Coda for iOS (formerly Diet Coda) version 2.0, a massive, free update to our incredible, desktop-class text editor. It gives you an incredible amount of power tucked into your iPad or, now… also your iPhone.

iPhone support is not the only new thing. There’s a brand-new UI redone from scratch. Full Panic Sync support. More syntax modes. Better file management including our dual-pane file browser. The latest SSH engine from Prompt. Javascript Playgrounds. More nice touches around every corner.

And, once again, this is a free update for Diet Coda owners. (You may already have it.)

For everyone else, we just reduced the price: $9.99. To be honest, that feels nuts for the amount of work put into the app. But a bargain is a bargain! (You should grab it now before we change our minds.)

Read all about Coda for iOS here. (Or, if you want, just grab it on the App Store!)

Thank you for your patience while we worked on this enormous overhaul. We truly hope you enjoy it. Tell us what you make with it! And if you find any bugs or have ideas, send us an e-mail!

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Jeff Boek

7/16/2015 1:38 PM

Congrats on shipping! Can’t wait to try it out

Even 1Password integration :)
Great update.


Marc Nothrop

7/16/2015 7:00 PM

Fantastic update, and great that it’s offered as a free update for Diet owners… thanks very much.

No doubt it’s been a lot of work, so sorry to ask about future features straight away (!), but given the reference Books in Coda Mac are web-based, do you plan on adding those to Coda iOS as well?

Have bought this – looks great.

Really looking forward to the new Statusboard now!

How do I search through my sites list? I couldn’t find that feature in the older Transmit for iOS either, so I’m surprised I can’t find it on this app. Either it’s missing or I’m blind.

Hi. Update is great. But when I try to download it to my phone it is telling me I need to buy it, yet I have already bought it diet coda for iPad and upgraded ok.

I can finally make some serious fast web development on the iPad (best option so far was vim over Prompt 2). The only thing I am missing is the .jade syntax mode (offered as a plugin for Coda for Mac). I am loving this new version and the fact that it now runs on my iPhone as well. Thank you!

Bought and installed as love all things Coda. Wanted to work on my iPhone + in extreme cases, but i just cant get to show my synced sites. Its connected to my account, just doesn’t work :(

Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this for literally months. Finally have a working Coda back on my iPad, and on my iPhone!. Just in time for some travel where all I plan to take tech-wise are my iOS devices, now that means I could still make real code changes if the need arises. But I too had trouble on my phone with the syncing not quite starting directly after signing in to Panic Sync. A bit buggy there, as my iPad took a while before it was on board too, just not as long as my phone. Overall an awesome update that I throughly welcome!

I’m excited, but without Support for cloud file systems it falls very short of useful. I haven’t used an editor yet that has good Dropbox support. Editorial works exactly the way I want, but isn’t much of a dev editor.

Is there a way to integrate status board with Reminders?