From:  Cabel Sasser
Date:  Sat Apr 1, 2000  6:44 pm
Subject:  Big News!

Dear Team,

Big news today! We've been working on this for some time, and are
happy to announce an incredible change! Our deadline was April 1, the
discussions were fierce, and the documents have been signed...

...we are now a fully-owned subsidiary of Casady & Greene!

If you think about it, it's a smart move all around! They get a lot
of technology that was taking them a lot of time to co... erm,
engineer, and we get the benefit of their extensive marketing and PR
department. Look for Audion to be featured in an dynamic bundle with
both InfoGenie AND SpellCatcher!

The eventual goal is to integrate our product into theirs, so I'm
afraid 'Audion' will one day be no more. Still, they said they would
put our names in the About Box, so that's pretty cool, yeah?

Unfortunately, one contractual obligation is that we need to shut
down this list -- this is at the request of Mr. Casady himself (Mr.
Greene was on holiday). We're now only allowed to use faces, sorry,
SKINS, created by C&G's in house team of face makers.

It's been really good working with you guys, but I'm afraid the party
has to end.

This is the start of a new era for us! I hope all wish us well in
this exciting melding of minds!

Thanks for everything!

Cabel & Steve
Panic Inc, a Casady & Greene Company