It’s almost here. Our totally rethought, redesigned, and reenergized Mac code editor, Nova, is now in private beta.

To make great software takes time and care. To start over from scratch and re-make an existing app takes even more. Our next text editor — the follow-up to Coda 2 — couldn't just add a few features and call it a day. It had to change dramatically. It had to catch up to where things are today. And it had to consider where web development will be tomorrow.

What’s The Process?

Applicants will be chosen by random lottery from the pool of people that applied.

While we're not currently looking for additional beta testers at this time, please sign up for our elist to be the first to hear when it's released!

We’ll be doing the following rounds of focused beta testing, to make sure Nova works well for everyone. We’ll keep this page updated with where we’re at.

  1. Extension Developers (10/2019)
  2. Select Coda 2 Users (11/2019)
  3. General Private Beta (1/2020)
  4. Public Release (2020)

What’s It Look Like?

Here, have a few new screenshots:

Screenshot showing the Dark theme.
Screenshot showing the Neon theme.
Screenshot showing the Bright theme

How can I get notified when it's ready?

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