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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transmit and Transmit Disk supported on macOS 10.12 Sierra?

Yes! You may need to install the latest update.

Can I sync my Favorites?

Yes! Transmit can sync your Favorites using Dropbox. (And Transmit purchased via the Mac App Store can sync using either Dropbox or iCloud.) Note: Transmit 4 does not support Panic Sync.

My Automator workflows are broken! What gives?

If you're using Mavericks, make sure to update to the latest version of Transmit (4.4.4 or later).

If you're using an earlier version of Mac OS X, you'll need to stick with Transmit 4.4.3 for now.

How do I preserve modification dates when transferring files?

Choose Transmit → Preferences → Advanced, then click the Advanced Server Settings button. Then, check the Preserve modification dates option next to the server in question.

How do I AppleScript Transmit 4?

It’s pretty easy! Note, though, that your Transmit 3 scripts will not work with Transmit 4, as our dictionary has improved significantly. Download our example AppleScripts to get up and scripting!

Are there any advanced tips or tricks for Transmit 4?

Yes! Read our blog post, 15 Secrets of Transmit 4. You’ll learn at least one new thing!

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